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Hi, [Saturday 11:09PM 05/09/09]
Is this really happening?

What's your name? Fuck you! That's my name. [Tuesday 3:04PM 04/18/06]
Quick update:

1.Shaved my dome piece
2.Got more tattoo work done
3.Had my wisdom tooth pulled
4.Still feelin' lonely


Herright... [Tuesday 6:19PM 02/28/06]
Thursday baby.

I'm too trill.

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Ha Ha Ha. [Monday 12:11AM 02/20/06]
[ mood | awake ]

Fun times at work today. Everyday I'm just that much closer to quitting.

Today I had a stoag and then when I came back in to work I had to lean against the counter. I almost passed out and my heart felt like it was going to stop beating. I don't know if it's from smoking or from shitty nutritional values. I should probably go to the doctor. BUT I probably wont.

Time to go take my medication with a couple shots of Jack Daniels.



I'm falling off... [Wednesday 1:52AM 02/08/06]
[ mood | Shit ]

Long awaited return to lj? Nah.

I'm real depressed.

I Want to sleep for a year.

Time for me to find happiness in myself. Without alcohol/drugs/whatever other bad things I do.


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Heaven Water... [Thursday 1:39AM 12/29/05]
[ mood | indifferent ]

I'm torn between everything I have
everything I want
and everything I need.

I've lost myself.

So much that I have no fucking clue what I'm doing.

I'm making a life for myself.

It's just an uncommon feeling for me.


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I'm done. [Sunday 5:39PM 12/18/05]
Yeah so picture this...
I'm sick as fuck.
I'm lovin' life.

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I've got it... [Friday 1:29PM 11/18/05]
Oh nick, please not so quick

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I'm an old man... [Friday 1:18PM 10/28/05]
[ mood | tired ]

Yeah that's right. November 8th. My birthday. Get me something or else.
I'm old...


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I'm sick... [Saturday 11:34AM 09/24/05]
[ mood | sick ]

Here's an update on the school situation.
I have the third highest grade in the class, I'm starting to understand this shit now. I'm not top of the class though so I can always keep trying harder.

I got a new bed that is super huge and comfortable. I also have obtained a new living room set so our apartment is feeling more like home now.

Homework time.


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